14 Days Bedtime Cleanse Tea : Detox Skinny Herb Tea – Effective Detox Tea, Support Natural Weight Loss Tea, 100% Natural



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We live in a rush. There is no time for slow meal, for little rest. Years of toxin build up in your intestinal tract clog up your system which can cause you to retain extra water weight and put your digestive system under extra stress, so it’s not able to work effectively.

BEDTIME CLEANSE TEA is a combination based on natural ingredients, supporting removal of toxic substances from body. Suitably selected components contribute to improving the functioning of stomach, intestines and kidneys, as well as to better absorption of nutrients by body. It facilitates defecation. Bedtime Cleanse also regenerates urinary, intestinal and immune systems.

In combination with a healthy diet and regular training – you will cleanse the intestines, you will feel lighter and you will improve your well-being. Check it out!

NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS TEA – We use only best quality natural herbal ingredient’s.
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