9 Pcs Water Purification Bottles Travel ...



Price: $9.46
(as of Jan 24,2022 20:07:03 UTC – Details)

Product description

Materials: Creating environmentally friendly materials with PET materials
Size: 15ML + 30ML

Package includes:
9x spray bottle

Material: environmentally friendly material made of PET
Package includes: spray bottle (15ml) * 1 spray bottle (30ml) * 1 push bottle * 1 (30ml) distribution tube (30ml) * 1 cream box (30g) * 2 (funnel, dropper, spatula) * 1 Label * 1 storage bag * 1
Because it is a transparent bottle, you can check its contents at a glance. The high-quality process is not easy to leak.
Suitable for products such as lotions, essential oils, shampoos and other travel essentials. It is also suitable for alcohol disinfection and cleaning solutions. Ideal for travel, camping, excursions, business trips, etc.

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