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We can say that you are what you eat, but also what you digest and use.

In contrast… life can be pretty rough if you’re struggling to enjoy your food… constantly disappointing your chef in the kitchen… feeling your confidence going down the toilet.

When your tummy is low on enzymes, it can lead to accumulation in the intestines (bad breath, feeling of heaviness and bloating, constipation, fatigue, swelling, and a weakened immune system).

By the age of 50, your enzyme production is half of that when you were a child.

Advanced digestive enzymes are a 100% vegan enzyme formula that contains 18 plant-derived digestive enzymes.

Advanced digestive enzymes supplement contains a combination of 18 unique digestive enzymes consisting of: Amylase (breaks down starch and glycogen), Protease (breaks down proteins and peptides into amino acids), Cellulase (breaks down cellulose and chitin), Lipase (helps emulsify and break down fats), Beta-glucanase (breaks down milk sugar), Bromelain (proteolytic enzyme) and Papain (a popular ingredient in meat tenderizer) … to name a few.

So how this natural digestive enzyme supplement work?

Advanced digestive enzymes are protein substances with incredibly high energy, and thanks to that, they release vitamins, amino acids, simple sugars, and fatty acids from the food we ate.

Its uniqueness? Advanced digestive enzymes are doing it faster than others.

About 60 times faster, thanks to a unique formulation that contains the enzyme Aspergillopepsin. It’s one that can break gluten particles so that you can have gluten food but without gluten consequences.

Our dietary supplements are manufactured and sold under the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Production is carried out following the principles of quality management and quality control of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
BREAKS DOWN GLUTEN 60 TIMES FASTER – Our enzyme formulation contains Aspergillopepsin, which breaks down gluten 60 times faster than any other enzyme out there, setting out complete digestion and leaving any insensitivity and worry aside.
BALANCE YOUR IMBALANCE HEALTH – Healthy colonization starts with a natural digestive enzyme supplement. No matter the age, environment, diet, and gut wall structure, you can alleviate symptoms such as gas, bloating, and fatigue in its root – in your tummy.
FOR ‘A’ BLOOD TYPE WHO LIKES TO EAT MEAT – Due to a low acidic content, A-blood-type people can now enjoy their favorite steak or burger safely without aches or bloating because our digestive enzymes are the golden tool that they were missing. Bon Appetite!
18-ENZYME PURE FORMULA – Digestive enzymes help you digest so much of your food in the first 30-60 minutes (pre-digestion phase) that your body can do with less acid in the subsequent digestion phase, acting in both acidic and alkaline environments.

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