Detox and Liver Cleanse – Ultra Cleanse and Detox Liquid Drops with Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke, Chicory Root. Natural Concentrated drops with high absorption



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Product Description

Is Your Health Slowing You Down?
​Life can be challenging enough without all the things that happen as we age: weight gain, lack of energy, and a slowing of metabolism, to name just a few. As professionals in the supplement industry for more than 40 years, we’ve seen a lot of health products come and go. Ultimately, we grew tired of the countless ineffective, overpriced products and set out to create something better — products that are effective in improving your life.

Nutrition Supplements You’ve Been Searching For
Ultra6 Nutrition offers a full line of vitamin supplements that are effective, efficient and affordable including one of our most popular products, Ultra Cleanse and Detox Drops. Studies show that regular cleansing of the liver with the aide of whole foods and supplements is essential to keep the body healthy and strong with a good digestive system. Ultra6 Nutrition formulated its Ultra Cleanse and Detox drops to help the liver to function more effectively and efficiently. Milk Thistle holds its own as one of the best herbs to support and aide the liver and digestion. Add Artichoke leaf extract to the formula, a handful of other herbs and extracts, put them together in a liquid concentrate and you have Ultra Cleanse and Detox Drops – a product you will not want to run out of.

Trust the Supplement Professionals
In terms of essential nutrients, a healthy, balanced diet only goes so far. Sometimes our bodies need extra vitamins to truly thrive. Our products are manufactured with proper testing and quality control in the USA with formulations developed to help you achieve the lifestyle you seek and deserve. We believe you should live life to the fullest — join our healthy family and start feeling the difference as Ultra6 Nutrition boosts your health to happiness with liquid nutrition.

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