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Detoxing has become popular over the last decade. Whether is dandelion tea, cranberry juice, and a little lemon juice, or some mixture of blended vegetables and cayenne pepper, the intent is the same; we detox to get rid of toxins in our system.

The word detox is a shortened version of detoxify. Literally, we’re taking toxins in our body and giving them the boot. Why? Because they’re harmful, and depending on the level and severity of the toxin, they could be fatal. So we drink some pretty crazy mixtures, stop eating for a few days, and even take some pills to get the toxins out. Its important to us.

We aren’t just a body though. We have a soul, too. Have you ever detoxed your soul? Have you even ever thought about it? There are misconceptions, poisonous thoughts, and lies about both God and me that need to be sent packing.

So thats the point of this book. More than just some more information to add to the traffic jam in our brains, the truths in this book are designed to get rid of a bunch of the thoughts that poison us. This book is designed to be a fresh start for your soul. We’ll look at a few of the areas of our lives that do the most damage if they’re full of toxins. The way we look at Jesus, the Father, ourselves, the Holy Spirit, our maturing as Christians, our freedom and churches all have deep impact on the fullness of our lives.

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