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Pancreatic Cancer Alternatives Dr. Isaacs has worked with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez for many years. There periodical consist of. Food as a foundation Proper supplementation Detoxification Protocols Welcome Dr. Issaacs, 1.32 Can you tell our new viewers what your credentials are. 2.54 Dr. Gonzalez widow has published the first of two volumes of cases that Dr. Gonzales was working on. What is the name of the book and where can you get it? Can we talk about some of the cases? 7.30 Do people usually get pancreatic cancer in there 50s? 8.00 Do you use the same treatment for breast cancer as you do for pancreatic cancer? 9.18 I was listing to a lecture that Dr. Gonzales gave before his passing. He spoke about when he sees a patient for the first time he knows just by his experience what diet they should be on. The testing he also spoke about was Blood work and hair test, Clinical signs, personality and Lifestyle. He talked about 10 basic diets. Can we talk about these diets? Plant -Based diet Mediterranean diet Animal-based fats Variety of nutrients 14.36 Would it be safe to say people with solid tumors should be on a plant based diet more than meat? We talked about what people do better on diets, we also talked about sugar in fruit. Is it bad to eat fruit or not? 23.15 Your a doctor MD and your a woman god forbid you found out you had breast cancer, what would be the steps you would take to get rid of that cancer? 28.02 Can we talk about supplements. The people that have solid tumors that are on a plant diet. Do they get the same supplements that the person with other cancers that are eating red meats? 30.09 Say a man has prostrate cancer or a woman has breast cancer, what supplements would they be taking? 31.33 Can you explain what pancreatic enzymes are? 33.36 How many milligrams and how often must you take pancreatic enzymes if you have cancer? 36.30 Can we talk about detoxing is there any thing other than coffer enema’s? 37.52 Now what about emotions? 45.20 I want to end the show with prevention. What would you suggest a person do to prevent cancer? 48.16 Where would you get pancreatic enzymes and how many milligrams would you take to maintain good health?

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