Facial Steamer,Beauty Nymph Home Spa Sauna Pores with Timer and Extract Blackheads Facial Cleansing Deep Hydration & Purification the Skin



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The Facial Steamer can be used not only for your facial skincare but also to reduce hair static and moisturize the neck and arms.
It is suitable for all types of skin to unblock pores, remove dirt, oil, keratin and leftover makeup.
Facial steaming can be a real boost to your beauty regime, you can easily establish effective skincare.
Here we’d like to suggest a guide which will outline a simple routine that you can follow step by step for the best and safest results:
Step 1: Cleanse your face with a professional face brush, cleansing is an important first step.
Step 2: Hot steaming opens pores and softens skin, accelerating various nutriments permeating deep into skin.
Step 3: Apply nourishing skincare products.
Step 4: Cool steaming permeates into skin pores, shrinking pores, locking in moisture, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin irritation and promoting skin metabolism.
Please keep at least 20cm distance between steamer and your face. Do not use lotion, milk, honey, or high viscosity essential oils.
Please remember to use clean water otherwise it will influence the smell of the steam, and pour out the rest of water after use.
Package List:
1 x Facial Steamer
1 x Instructions

A multi-purpose machine. It not only moisturizes facial skin, but also acts as an air humidifier to maintain indoor humidity and nourish the mind and body.
facial steamer has a safe boil dry protection to avoid accidents when the water is dried up.use with trust as the steamer automatically shuts off when there is no water
User-friendly design, the use of horn export, so that the fog is more uniform, 60 seconds out of the fog quickly, each steaming face ten minutes, long-lasting moisturizer, for you to solve the problems caused by dry skin.
At this stage many women will feel the skin problems, due to environmental pollution, stress on work, sleepy eyes, lack of exercise, etc., the skin of modern people have been exhausted, the problem. Facing the warm water vapor, it can effectively wake up the tired skin and feel the moisture of the heart.

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