Foot Pads,100 pcs Cleansing Foot Pads for Foot Care, Sleep Better,Foot Care Product,Ginger Bamboo Foot Pacthes,Ginger Foot Patches



Price: $21.98
(as of Apr 11,2021 08:21:39 UTC – Details)

Instructions For Use:
1. Clean feet with warm water and dry

2. Peel off film from adhesive sheet

3. Place foot pad on center of adhesive sheet

4. Attach the foot pad onto foot

5. Leave on for 8 hours

6. Remove residue from feet afterwards

Sleep Better: This foot patch can help you to ensure a good and deep sleep and let you wake up feel refreshed.
Relief: Our foot pads can promote blood circulation,remove fatigue.
Each package includes feet patch and tape. The tape is very sticky and does not fall off.Wear them at home, in your sleep, while you watch TV or at the gym! Promote healthy circulation, metabolic health, and wellness.
Easy to use: Our Foot Pads are easy to use. You simply remove the backing from the adhesive, apply a pad to the sole of each of your feet, and wear for 8-10 hours for optimal results.

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