Hydro-Logic Purification Systems Hydrologic Upgrade Kit to Convert TALLBoy to Stealth-RO150 33021 Hydroponic Water Filtration for Gardening



Price: $120.95
(as of Apr 14,2021 21:46:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Green house, hydroponic farm, grow houseGreen house, hydroponic farm, grow house

Like you, we are growers who invest in quality. Through decades of knowledge on how water quality affects the quality of the plant, Hydrologic has designed the only hydroponic water filtration systems you ever need to own. Hydrologic has been #1 in sales and service since 2005, as we engineered by growers, for growers, using only the finest parts available. We invest in quality because there’s no replacing time lost because of inferior products. Like you, we invest in quality because like you, that’s what we expect from ourselves.

green house, hydroponics, hydroponic water filtrationgreen house, hydroponics, hydroponic water filtration

Reverse Osmosis, DechlorinatorsReverse Osmosis, Dechlorinators

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Gardening and Hydroponics

Reverse Osmosis and Dechlorinators designed to tackle any source water problems including chlorine, heavy metals and biological contaminants.


Our quality commitment to you is to deliver HydroLogic replacement filters and reverse osmosis membranes that are specifically designed and tested for use with HydroLogic filtration systems.

The HydroLogic Advantage means rigid performance and leak testing protocols that are applied to every replacement filter we sell, to ensure proper fit, durability, and performance.

It is important to remember, Hydrologic’s prerequisites for service and repair can only be honored when authorized OEM replacement products are used.

Your system will last longer, perform better and experience far less downtime using original HydroLogic parts, filters, and accessories.


HydroLogic stocks a wide array of parts and replacement products to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Everything we sell is backed by the HydroLogic Advantage, which means, to keep your system in good health, running fully optimized with minimal downtime, make sure to purchase ONLY HydroLogic OEM parts and replacement filters.

Our commitment is only the finest and most durable parts, to keep you and your system happy with many years of reliable performance.


HydroLogic accessories are designed to open up a variety of new possibilities. From drinking water upgrade kits to UV sterilization, HydroLogic accessories are performance and quality tested to make sure they conform to the HydroLogic Advantage. Which means the best, most durable and efficient hydroponic water filtration systems on the planet.

Be sure to purchase ONLY HydroLogic OEM parts and accessories. Our products have been rigorously tested to ensure they work with our systems.

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