Japanese Knotweed Root Rhizome Powder/Hu Zhang/Polygonum Cuspidatum – 1lb or 16oz Bulk Herb



Price: $28.59
(as of Apr 04,2021 18:28:53 UTC – Details)

A 1.1 pound pouch (500 grams) of Japanese Knotweed Root Herb Powder. This is also called Japanese Bushy Knotweed. Polygonum Cuspidatum is the botanical name. Hu Zhang is the pin yin name. This powder is very fine and even, like baking flour. In fact, there are numerous recipes online that add knotweed powder to muffins! Knotweed root has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to invigorate the blood and unblock channels. The plant contains a wealth of useful chemical constituents and is helpful in aiding a wide array of health issues. It will come in a factory sealed package with genuine Plum Flower labeling, as shown in the photo. The batch numbers and lot numbers will vary from bag to bag on all Plum Flower Brand herbs. Origin: China.

Pharmacopeia Grade – meets or exceeds standards of Chinese Pharmacopeia guidelines. Simply put, the quality of pharmacopeia herbs is better than commonly used food grade herbs to ensure they deliver their intended effect.
This Knotweed root was processed at a GMP certified facility. (Good Manufacturing Practices)
High quality herbs, carefully screened, and naturally preserved. Sulfur Free – Chlorine Free – Aluminum Phospate Free.
Tested for sulfites, certain pesticide residues, and heavy metals. Origin: China

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