Journal & Tracker: Healing Sodium Channelopathy-Related Small Fiber Neuropathy: The 30 Day Raw Vegan Plant-Based Detoxification & Regeneration Journal & Tracker for Reversing Conditions. Journal 2



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Suffering from a variety of conditions, we formed a small group of individuals that were also struggling, and we helped each other remain accountable as we healed ourselves naturally. How did we do this? We researched tirelessly and tried multiple different methods until we finally started seeing results through the use of protocols taught by legendary healers, Dr Arnold Ehret and Dr Robert Morse.

Note: all information and resources are readily available for personal study and application, online. Dr Arnold Ehret’s books can be downloaded freely if you search for “arnold ehret books pdf”. Visit for Dr Robert Morse videos which can be searched through by keywords via the search bar. Familiarise yourself with their teachings and protocols and move forward as you put this journal to use.

Throughout our healing journeys, we found the process of recording our progress to be of great help. Our journals also helped us in note-taking of anything that we found useful, along with any tips and hacks that we came across. We felt inspired to create a personalised 30 day journal for your condition encouraging you to track your thoughts, feelings, progress and knowledge as you enjoy success and fulfillment on your journey of self healing.

One of the key conclusions that we reached through our individual journeys was that whether you are a sufferer of Sodium Channelopathy-Related Small Fiber Neuropathy, or any other condition, the same protocol that we used to heal will apply to you. However, dependant on the severity and time endured, you may need to follow the protocols for longer, using specific herbs (and glandulars) in order to achieve positive results, but you can make your own adjustments as you learn more.

Equipped with the information found on this page, we trust that you will benefit greatly from this journal and reach your goals. Use it to keep yourself accountable, use it for noting down useful information that you discover, whilst recording the raw vegan foods (fruit, vegetables, herbs) that you eat and juice. Record daily routines such as time spent fasting, time spent eating, water consumed, sauna or lymph moving exercises performed, and anything else that you find to be supportive. You will never miss a moment now and remain focused on your goals.

We wish you all the best. The Health Formation Team

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