Korean English Dictionary (Korean Edition)



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Korean English Dictionary

An amazing Korean word dictionary that will not forget your life for once if you read it once

Increase your vocabulary dramatically with the Korean word dictionary Jungle

Most Koreans think they know Hangul well. However, a person living in Seoul does not know the meaning of Seoul, a student in Korea University does not know the meaning of Koryo, and those with more than 10 million Kim surnames do not know the meaning of Kim. Most Koreans do not know about Hangul. Jungle is an abbreviation of Hwa-hwa Hangeul in the name of the author. It was created by the author, paying attention to the fact that there is a character system deeply involved in the formation of Korean language. The jungle tells us the exact meaning of Korean through the letter system.

There are three things that the author focuses on. Hangeul began as a meaningful word before it was a phonetic alphabet, and the early Korean language was formed by the letter system of the author s jungle, and Korean is deeply related to other languages of ancient times. This book is composed of Hangul test through author s Jungle solution, Hangul s consonant and vowel, and Hangul integrated dictionary, etc.

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