LiquaGen 1.5 Cubic Foot – Coconut Carbon Media Whole House Systems | Contaminant Remover | Highly Porous Activated Charcoal Bulk for Whole Home Water Purification System’s



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how it workshow it works

* High Octane Performance.

HIGH ADSORPTION: Activated Charcoal Media is made in controlled settings via high temperature steam activation. Its porous nature deems it perfect for adsorption of both large and small molecule weight impurities from water and other liquids. It is very useful for adsorbing trace Volatile Organic Compounds.
BENEFITS: Whole House water filter with a strong adsorbing charcoal deodorizer pore structure optimal for the treatment of chlorine and other VOC’s. The coconut charcoal mitigates hardness & the charcoal pellets reduce abrasion resistance required for thermal reactivation and minimizing fines when operations backwashing is required. Activated charcoal powder provides a wide range of contaminant removal capabilities.
FEATURES: Coconut shell carbon, high mechanical strength, good for the ecosystem, low ash, far more effective than regular grade activated carbon, To Treat Residential or Commercial Water devices.
APPLICATIONS: This mesh bag with activated charcoal odor absorber can be used in a variety of water applications for the removal of dissolved organic compounds. It can be used in applications such as process water purification, water softener filtration, wastewater treatment, industrial chemical purification & many more.

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