Mercury Detoxification Simplified



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THE TABLE OF CONTENTS IS IN THE AUTHORS SELF REVIEW. This book has updated information about how to detoxify the body of mercury safely without causing a healing crisis. A healing crisis is a result of more mercury being pulled out of the tissues into the blood stream than can be eliminated by the bowels, kidneys, skin and hair. This rise in blood mercury levels causes relocation to the brain and nervous system that results in symptoms. The sicker a person is the less effectively these organs of elimination are at getting mercury out of the body. All of the popular drugs like DMSA, EDTA, and DMPS will cause relocation of mercury to the brain in sick people but cause less of this effect in relatively healthy people who have had a mercury poisoning from a large work related exposure. The health food industry promotes unprocessed cilantro and chlorella which also have the unwanted effect of raising blood mercury levels. It is primarily people who have long term mercury accumulation from silver amalgam fillings and eating fish who have impaired ability to eliminate mercury from the body. My first book mentioned various protocols for mercury detoxification that could cause an increase in blood mercury levels. This new book was written to give the reader information as to how to do a safe detox that only lowers blood mercury levels. The sicker a person is the more important this new information is.

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