Mini Brazil Lucky Wood Hydroponic Potted Plant Stump, Air Plant Desktop Plant Air Purification Micro Landscape Decoration (6CM)



Price: $25.99
(as of Apr 14,2021 17:15:57 UTC – Details)

Training method:
1. After the water has dried for two days, add water again, and alternate dry and wet curing to prevent the bottom from rot and grow more vigorously;
2. Do not add water too high, long-term high water level will cause rot and odor;
3. If the water smells bad, please stop soaking, dry the water, and then add water again;
Material: Wood
Size: 5cm / 6cm / 7cm / 8cm
Package includes:
1 x Potted Wood
1 x Petri dish
1 x doll (according to choice)
1. Due to device resolution and lighting issues, the color may be slightly different between the product and the picture.
2. The number of 5 cm buds cannot be guaranteed. If you mind the number of sprouts, please be careful.

Easy to survive: only a small amount of sunlight, air and water (just pour 0.5 cm/0.22 inches of water into the pot to survive) Note: It does not germinate, it takes a month or a month. Sprout twice.
Bring good luck: outdoor bonsai. It can also be placed in front of the computer to absorb formaldehyde, prevent radiation and purify the air. Brazilian wood is also called lucky wood. It can bring good luck to the family, increase economic wealth, and is very safe
Interior decoration: Potted aquatic plants are very popular indoor hydroponic plants, which can be placed in the living room, study and table as decorations.
Size: 5 cm / 6 cm / 7 cm / 8 cm Brazilian wood need to distinguish the front and back, the side is on top, there is Up label paper on it, the waxed head is up when received, and the wax is immersed-the free head is in the water . You can give it as a reward or gift to children, friends, and the elderly, and let the lucky Badam accompany them.

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