Optivida Health — Fruit & Vegetable Complete Essentials — Dietary Supplement with Whole Foods, Vitamins & Minerals — Organic, Non-GMO Probiotics and Immune System Booster — 30 Day Supply



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Our Fruit and Vegetable Supplement can provide you with enough whole food and botanicals to promote a healthy body. Made with 5 billion CFU probiotics, these supplement packets can help balance your digestion and support your immune system. Our Fruit and Vegetable Supplement can also help increase your overall energy and assist with nutrient absorption throughout the day. This supplement can help promote healthy bones, boost your immune system, and help with digestion of food sensitives, like carbohydrates, starches, gluten, and dairy. The supplement is great for both kids and adults who need more probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in their diet, especially if their diet makes it difficult to find nutrient-packed meals. It can be mixed with cold water, juice, milk, smoothies, and much more! We use only non-GMO flavors, non-GMO citric acid, and non-GMO stevia. Your mother always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables, and now you can say that you did with Fruit and Vegetable Complete Essentials. This box comes with a thirty-day supply of supplement packets so you can enjoy their nutritional benefits for a whole month.
ALKALIZING INGREDIENTS: Our supplements contain 4 grams of greens, grasses, and juices that can help maintain bone health. These ingredients are also rich in beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.
STRONG ENZYMES: Each of our supplement packets contains 21 full-spectrum, plant-derived enzymes that aid in your body’s natural digestion process when consuming food sensitives, like gluten or dairy.
HEALTHY PROBIOTICS & BOTANICALS: The 15 probiotic strains in our supplement can help boost your immune system, and the 23 different herbs, spices, and botanicals can help maintain your overall health.
MIX INTO DRINKS: Pour a packet of our amazing supplement into your favorite drink in the morning, midday, or evening. Make a delicious treat by mixing the packet with milk, juice, or a smoothie.

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