Polar Pure Iodine Water Purifier Camping Gear More Effective Than Chlorine Tablets, Water Purification Tablets Filter Straws Filtered Water Bottle Kills Bacteria Viruses Emergency Backpacking Survival



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Clean, pure water anywhere you need it polar pure is the most trusted and widely used method of water treatment on the market, relied on every day by backpackers, hikers, Relief efforts and the military. Polar Pure exceeds the FDA’s minimum standard for sterilization by killing all bacteria and viruses, as well as their mutations. This goes beyond the capabilities of water tablets and filter straws, which leave mutations to repopulate with greater virility and viruses untouched due to their size. polar pure iodine water purifier lets you decontaminate 2, 000 liters of water while a comparable SE of water tablets will filter only 25 liters. The cost to use Polar Pure is just 1cent per quart, while water tablets cost 12 cents per cup. Our purification method is also shelf-stable, maintaining its’ potency indefinitely as long as it remains capped between uses. Conversely, water tablets begin losing their efficacy As soon as you open the bottle. Also, our product can render large amounts of water potable. All of these properties make Polar Pure ideal for large-scale humanitarian Relief efforts and emergency preparedness. Hikers and campers love it because the proprietary bottle with built-in temperature gauge tells them exactly how much to use for their personal needs, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in their backpacks. A bounce bottle fits in the palm of your hand. polar pure is an indispensable accessory for any Storm shelter, emergency supplies or travel kit. be prepared to enjoy clean, drinkable water from any source. Add Polar Pure iodine water purifier to your cart today.
Polar Pure Water Disinfectant
Dosage chart is printed on the bottle
Bottle cap measures and gives solution, No other tools required
Unique bottle design deploys pure crystallized iodine into water
Compact size for travel convenience

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