Potable Aqua 100-ct Water Purification Tablets with PA+ Plus



Price: $24.99
(as of Apr 15,2021 00:47:33 UTC – Details)

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink? Potable Aqua Water Purification Solutions turns questionable water into drinkable H2O! Potable Aqua… simple water purification solutions in use worldwide by militaries, campers, hikers, hunters, and emergency workers! When you absolutely need water, trust Potable Aqua. Take a look below for the solution that’s best for you. The same as Germicidal Tablets, with PA Plus that removes the nasty iodine aftertaste and color! For use after water has been treated with Potable Aqua Germicidal Tablets. 100 tablets treat up to 50 quarts. Order today! Please Note: These Tablets comes in a box NOT in a bottle as shown. Potable Aqua 100-ct. Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

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