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For years and years, mankind’s actions have taken a considerable toll on the makeup of its natural ecosystem. Sometimes these actions prove to be for the betterment of our world. Though in many instances, the reverse rings true. Time and time again, human beings seek temporary advantages in spite of a long-term crisis. And now it’s time to face the facts; our ecosystem has been negatively dominated by our introduction of synthetic plastics and the resulting plastic pollution.

This is not to say that plastic does not provide some benefits to society. In many ways, plastics and plastic products have allowed us to advance modern technology, safety, and health. But like most things, these developments come as a cost; plastic pollution. So we must, therefore, look at the positives and the negatives in concert with one another. When we take a 50-year outlook on our world and the projecting impact of plastic pollution; the negatives are most certainly outweighing the positives.

At the heart of the Gopure Pod is an advanced ceramic, which has a doubly porous structure by virtue of its composition and design. This creates an enormous exposed filtering surface area, equivalent to six football fields. By physical movement, convection currents and Brownian motion, the water remains in ongoing contact with the core, so the pod purifies continuously for up to six months.

Each pod can purify, protect and preserve up to 264 gallons of water, which is the equivalent of 2,000 refills of a standard size reusable water bottle.

A silver element within the PuriBloc capsule maintains the hygiene of the ceramic over the course of its usage.

Simply drop the PuriBloc capsule into any water container — your water bottle, coffee maker, jug or pitcher — to begin the purification process.


Achieve the Perfect Balance

When you drop the PuriBloc capsule into tap water, millions of microscopic pores go to work. The ceramic pod acts as a magnet to attract impurities, while releasing valuable trace minerals.


Positively Charged Material

This filtration power comes from an unlimited, renewable resource that has served as “nature’s filter” for 20 million years: diatomaceous earth. Because diatomaceous earth is a natural, positively charged material, it attracts and neutralizes contaminants present in the water.





Take your Capsule Anywhere


No more Plastic Bottles


6 months of clear, clean water


THE POWER TO PURIFY TAP WATER ANYWHERE – Say hello to the smallest, most convenient portable water purifier on the planet, ever. Say goodbye to buying disposable plastic water bottles on the go, forever. Everywhere you go. (Even places you don’t go. Yet, that is.) Gas station bathrooms, shopping mall restrooms, airport filling stations, park water fountains, gym, concerts and festivals.
GO AHEAD, REFILL YOUR WATER BOTTLE – Drop in. Fill Up. Drink up. Refill again and again. Every water bottle, S’Well, Yeti and hydration pack. Every water pitcher, dispenser, thermos, cup, carafe, glass. Repurposed mason jars, old juice bottles or milk jugs. The Pod keeps purifying, refill after refill – the power to purify up to 264 gallons of tap water comes in every Pod.
WHERE THERE’S A TAP THERE IS PURIFIED WATER – GOpure goes where other water purifiers and filters can’t go. Every faucet, sink, spigot, hose, drinking fountain, in every neighborhood, town, city, and country. Every drop of water from every potable source is now safe to drink everywhere you go with your GOpure Pod.
THE POD WORKS LIKE AN IMPURITIES MAGNET – Every Pod features an “advanced ceramic core” made from DE and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and adsorb every heavy metal, inorganic, bacteria, impure chemical and more.
THE POD HELPS PROTECT THE PLANET TOO – Every ocean, river, stream, landfill, forest, park, trail, mountain, and valley (and all the creatures that inhabit them). Because the power to save the environment from another 2,000 plastic water bottles comes in every Pod.

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