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SAVE YOUR LIFE A GUIDE TO DETOXIFICATION FOR PEOPLE WITH CHRONIC ILLNESSES such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, ME, Lupus, heart disease, autism, mercury poisoning, cancer, etc. It is designed as a guide, somewhat like a cookbook not only to inform the individual with chronic illness but to share the protocols that steer you on the road to recovery. Rita Ferraro ND has spent 20 years compiling and researching the safest procedures that yield the best results. Rita suffered with chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, lyme disease, interstial cystitis, depression and anxiety. Her passion is not only to educate people about chronic illnesses but her book is a call to action. This generation is a human experiment. Consumer products are being used on people that have not been tested for toxicity. This century has seen the most chronic illness than any other. One in 66 boys will be born with autism. One in five women will become chemically sensitive . A baby is born with over 300 toxins delivered via the umbilical chord from the mother. This is an epidemic ignored by the American Medical Association and Big Pharma. Los Alamos, NM has started production of Plutonium again. Rita Ferraro ND provides hope and wit in writing a well thought out book they is so very needed. This book is one of its kind.

“A fantastic treatise on overcoming 21st century illness . It takes 50 years for a good idea to become medicine. With the average age of my clients between 40 and 60 years old, we need this information NOW! There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. This book reflects wisdom of one who has overcome.

Michael Payne

Living Well Today International

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