SZHKT-4 “Dunes” “Photon Kremlin tablet” New Stimulator of The gastrointestinal Tract pulsed



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All sold pills guaranteed – absolutely new (never used, not refurbished)! Purchased wholesale directly from the manufacturer in factory pack. ——————————— Stimulator of the gastrointestinal tract Autonomous bipolar pulse “Photon tablet” (“Kremlin tablet”), intended to restore the activity of the digestive tract, as well as the correction of other organs and body systems. It is used in therapeutic, gastrointestinal, gynecological, urological, surgical, pediatric and other inpatient units and medical institutions. Can be used in a hospital, outpatient and home prescribed by a doctor. The use of electrical stimulator creates a high therapeutic effect in the treatment of adults and children, and in some cases is the only alternative to surgery way to restore lost functions. Design and Function “Photon tablet” is a streamlined capsule, the size of 22 * ​​11 mm, consisting of two metal hemispheres employees electrodes mounted on a special insulating sleeve of non-toxic plastic. Located inside the capsule: a generator of bipolar electric pulses and power supply. Generator produces a series of electrical pulses that are similar in their characteristics to those physiological signals which control the organs and systems in the body of a healthy person. While in the oral cavity, moving along the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), rectally or vaginally, “Photon tablet” through response to impulses from the central nervous system normalizes the functions of all organs and systems affects tissue, blood vessels and nerve endings . Excitation of peripheral nerves and plexus using electrical impulses normalizes metabolism, improves the nutrition of tissues, reduces inflammatory processes. Electrical stimulation through biologically active points reflexively enhances human immunity. This preserves the so-called “aftereffect” – after a single use of stimulants revitalization of all organs
Stimulator of the gastrointestinal tract Autonomous bipolar pulse SZHKT-4 “Dunes” (“Photon Kremlin tablet”)

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