THE AYURVEDA COOKBOOK: The Ayurveda book for self-healing and detoxification. Includes 100 recipes and Dosha test.



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Dive into the interesting world of Ayurvedic nutrition

Benefit from the wisdom of ancient India and learn how to eat really healthy and increase your life energy considerably with the right food!

Tired of the annoying calorie counting and yo-yo effect? Would you like to discover healthy nutrition in a completely new way without having to forego enjoyment?

Then start NOW to get to know THE food of your life, which will help you to a new well-being, fresh spirit and inner balance – guaranteed!

You should read this guide if

  • You want to understand why our metabolism has its own laws

  • You want to reduce weight successfully and sustainably without tiresome calorie counting

  • You are looking for a practical guide to get and stay healthy with the right diet

You can read THAT in this guide:

  • What Ayurveda actually is.

  • How Ayurvedic nutrition works in practice.

  • What you should NEVER EAT!

  • What you should absolutely eat!

  • Let new and inspiring impulses spur you on to eat healthy and type-appropriate food in order to regain physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Let us convince you how an Ayurvedic diet can be implemented by you in your everyday life!

Feel how this form of nutrition will equip you from the inside out with new strength and joy of life!

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