The Living Cleanse: Detoxification and Cleansing Using Living Foods and Safe Natural Strategies


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With the bombarding of our bodies by thousands of environmental and consumer toxins every day, most of us have realized we need to incorporate cleansing and detoxification strategies in order to maintain health. In fact, numerous health disorders have now been attributed to synthetic and environmental toxins, including cancers, respiratory diseases, joint degeneration, digestive issues, skin issues, cognitive difficulties and so many other conditions. The question now is; how do we efficiently and effectively cleanse the overload of toxins from our bodies? Many recommend radical and difficult detoxification programs that can actually do more harm than good. These can stress our elimination systems and immune systems, and overwhelm us with toxemia. These “blitz” methods of cleansing can not only be unsafe: Most are also unsustainable due to their complexity, expense and regimented sacrifices. The author – a California Naturopath and board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner – offers us a completely different strategy – one that is not only safe, gentle and gradual – but sustainable throughout our lifetime. The Living Cleanse is a groundbreaking sustainable system that will stimulate our immune system to more efficiently break down and rid the body of toxins without over-stressing our bodies and minds – or require radical, difficult, expensive and possibly unsafe methods.

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